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Germ Buster Soap

Germ Buster Soap

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  • Great germ killing hand soap. 

Germ Buster soap uses the germ killing power of Doterra's On Guard essential oil blend to create an amazing germ killing hand soap. 

It is made with olive oil for a creamy lather, coconut oil to add cleansing properties and larger bubbles to the lather, shea butter feels luxurious and moisturizing on the skin, castor oil which draws moisture to the skin and creates amazing lather.

Stars, flowers and starfish were made using the same recipe with green mica added for colour and these shapes were then added to the mold randomly to make a fun pattern in the soap.

Note this soap is smaller in size from the other $7.00 soaps due to the cost of the Doterra On Guard oil. These soaps are approximately 2.5 oz.

Distilled water was used to aid in the saponification process and all the oils used in my soap are saponified.