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I am a mother of two boys and an electrical engineer that handcrafts all natural bath and body care products that are free from nut oils, palm oil, fragrance oils, artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. All ingredients that are used have been researched and carefully selected for their amazing natural properties to promote healthy skin, mind and body. 

My journey started a few years ago when, like many, I gradually started replacing the products we used to reduce the chemicals in our home. Starting out initially with all purpose cleaning spray, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets. Then onto makeup, shampoo, etc. Mid 2018 I met an amazing doterra representative, at a friend's home party, that had an extreme amount of knowledge of essential oils and the science behind their beneficial health properties. This led into the use of essential oils in both diffusers and roller bottles to help with my family’s overall health and wellbeing. We replaced some more products with diy essential oil products from doterra with the help of their website and the representative. This led me on a search for soap. We had switched to the doterra foaming hand soap which is great. But only comes in one scent and not great for shower use. So I started looking around for natural soap and unfortunately found that most still include artificial colours and fragrance oils, which means chemicals. I began talking with a friend, who had made soap in the past, about what natural ingredients, herbs, clays, etc., can be used in soap making. These conversations so greatly sparked my interest that I began researching the health properties of herbs, clays, oils, etc and how they can be used in soapmaking. It was time to try out making some soap. I gave soap from these first batches to friends to see what they thought. Received amazingly positive feedback and support from all the different ingredient attempts. 

I started selling locally through Facebook and now, in setting up this website I have taken the plunge into something that I honestly can say I have a great interest in and truly enjoy doing. I have loved receiving all the positive feedback and requests from local customers. I have expanded to add all natural lip balms and roller bottles. In the last few weeks I have been experimenting with natural deodorant recipes. Once again using my wonderful guinea pig friends to find the best recipe that works best. In the upcoming weeks I will be adding all natural deodorant, and magnesium oil to my product line. I plan to continue to research and experiment with different natural ingredients to create even more natural products to help people with their overall wellness.

If you are reading this, I honestly hope that you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy making them.